Practical Tips for Traveling During Covid-19

When traveling during Covid-19, you will face a host of restrictions and guidelines. And these can bring unnecessary anxiety, hindering you from enjoying your trip. To avoid this, follow these practical tips when traveling during Covid-19.

Check the Local Rules

Mask requirements, quarantine mandates, and other guidelines apply differently based on the state or country. Therefore, take your time to research the local rules, depending on your travel destination. Expect what authorities expect of you upon arrival at a place. Check travel agencies’ sites and CDC’s guidelines. That way, you can know what to expect and how to behave upon arrival.

Prepare the Necessary Paperwork

Some states require travelers to fill out health forms with the local contact tracing agencies. For instance, you may fill out a checking-in form with the airline. That means you might have to prove that you’ve tested negative for Covid-19 for 21 days before traveling. Also, you must confirm that you’ve not experienced any Covid-19 related symptoms. If your research reveals that you will be asked for some papers, prepare them before traveling for a more straightforward clearance.

Offer Proof if Necessary

In some places, the authorities will ask you to provide a negative PCR test. And this can be a requirement for shortening your mandatory quarantine period. Therefore, carry any proof that will show the authorities that you’ve not tested positive for the last 21 days.

Carry the Right Gear

Most airlines require passengers to wear a mask. And this is a mandatory requirement these days. Whether you’re passing through the security line, waiting at the gate, sitting in a train or plane, using the hotel elevator, or anything else, wearing a mask is a must when traveling. You’re at a higher risk of getting booted if you don’t wear a mask.

Also, follow the latest CDC travel guidelines. For instance, avoid close contact, wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer and avoid touching the nose, eyes, and mouth.

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